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2020 Q1/Q2 - New Branding Launch - Symbol/XYM

2020 Q1/Q2 New Branding Launch - Symbol/XYM
Testnet Release - Catapult Release Candidate Updated Testnet releases are ongoing, and we are currently at 0.9.3.. Learn how to set up and run a node with this testnet node setup guide.
Symbol Branding Guideline Release of Brand Guidelines and Symbol Media Kit
Official Symbol Brand Launch Symbol from NEM – the rebranding for the new next-gen blockchain from NEM announced.
Ticker Vote and Welcome XYM Symbol Ticker Community Vote successfully passed, Welcome XYM as the winner.
NIS1 Support Plan Support plan for NIS1 and the continuation of the original blockchain.
Branding Strategy Roll-out Strategy for implementing Symbol Branding and guidelines. Slow phasing into Marketing, Developing Tools and Guides, PR, and Comms.
Marketing Strategy Roll-out Comprehensive Marketing plan composing of public relations, new collaterals, new support for Symbol.
NIS1 Desktop Wallet Opt-in Tool Downloadable feature for community to opt-in for XYM tokens.
Open Source Wallet plug-in The plug-in library is made available to 3rd party developers to create their own tools.
Stand-alone mobile app For those who do not have computers to opt-in, a mobile app will be created for opt-in.
Opt-in Manuals Documentation created for Community to easily Migrate and Opt-in to Symbol.
Migration Tech Documentation Documentation and Guides created and shared for projects and ecosystem partners to successfully migrate to Symbol.