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NEM Developer Kit for Node.js and the browser

This SDK is just a “draft” for now, lot of things will change as development and feedback goes, but it is enough to start developing great applications.

Nano Wallet will integrate this library instead of everything being merged in the same project. So we have a real separation between core and client.


  • Easy integration
  • Organised in namespaces
  • Create wallets compatible with Nano Wallet client
  • Simple transactions
  • Mosaic transactions
  • Encrypted, unencrypted and hex messaging
  • Create and audit Apostilles
  • Create and verify signatures
  • Helpers and formatting functions
  • 22 NIS API requests with promises
  • Websockets for real time blockchain data
  • Commented code and examples
  • Browser examples ready to use out of the box


NEM-sdk Github Repository

NEM-sdk NPM Package